The Publications team produces printed marketing materials for major events and external audiences, including alumni, donors and prospective students. The major pieces include the quarterly Magazine of Elon, all admissions material and publications for the Office of University Advancement.



Planning a Publication

When should you contact us?

  • Depending on the type of project, you should contact University Communications between two weeks and two months before you need your publication delivered. To initiate a project, fill out or project initiation form.
  • Projects that fall within the scope of the Publications team will be placed on our schedule.
  • Our team will contact you to schedule a publication meeting.

How should you prepare for our first meeting?

  • Know the intended audience for your publication
  • Know what messages you want to convey to your audience
  • Bring your creative energy and ideas

Proofreading Responsibilities

  • You will have ample opportunity to proofread your publication before it goes to the printer. The Publications team and the client are responsible for proofreading copy in a brochure to ensure accuracy.
  • Each client is responsible for the accuracy of any copy supplied to the Publications staff for a project.
  • Each client must provide an “OK to print” on his/her publication before it is printed. Please note:¬†Changes made after final approval is given may result in additional charges and cause delays to production timelines.


  • Deadlines for each publication are set by the Publications team in consultation with their clients. Missed deadlines will result in delays or additional costs.