Elon University Communications video production unit

Elon’s Office of University Communications includes a two-person video production team that produces and distributes videos designed primarily to reach external audiences. Aaron Glancy and Chris Hedin create videos to support the university’s admissions and advancement divisions as well as videos that support Elon media relations and institutional communications. To request assistance with a video project for an external audience, please fill out the Video Request form.

Elon’s video production unit provides a full range of production services, from concept, through shooting and editing, to distribution. These services include the following:

  • Production of video segments related to daily news and events at the university
  • Production of videos to highlight and advance Elon departments and programs
  • Distribution of videos through the Elon YouTube channel
  • Distribution of prerecorded videos segments and news spots to media outlets
  • Facilitation of live video feeds to news media through the facilities of the University Communications video studio


Special note to media about Elon’s LIVE video capabilities

Elon University’s Office of Communications has a fully equipped professional television studio providing live video capabilities through a variety of connections, including fiber networks, satellite uplinks or Skype. Connection to the Elon live studio can be coordinated through LTN Global Communications, which provides regular video transport connections to most major broadcast networks.

To schedule a live video feed from Elon’s Office of Communications television studio, contact one of the following:

Picture of the University Communications live studio