M.S. in Management Curriculum

The 10 month, M.S. in Management program includes 33 credit hours of graduate courses and two foundation courses (taken in the proceeding August). Business core and concentration coursework start in the fall and are completed concurrently. Selected concentrations are identified at admission, as almost half of the coursework will focus on your specific professional goals. Students in each concentration take an identical core of six graduate business courses. Students are provided a diverse, enriched classroom experience by working alongside MBA students. 

Foundation Courses
Business Core 
Concentration Tracks

Foundation Courses

The M.S. in Management program requires that all students demonstrate adequate preparation in accounting and finance prior to enrolling in the core MSM/MBA accounting and finance courses. Foundations courses are offered at Elon in August.

FIN 472: Principles of Finance
ACC 472: Principles of Financial Accounting

*Students who have prior coursework in accounting and finance are eligible to take placement exams which, if passed, will enable the student to exempt this requirement. The assessment exams are available in both accounting and finance.

Business Core (18 credit hours)

MBA 521: Economic Policy and the Global Environment
MBA 531: Accounting for Managerial Decisions
MBA 541: Marketing Management
MBA 551: Financial Management
MBA 562: Management & Organizational Behavior

(Select one of the following to complete the Business Core)

  • MBA 561: Advanced Operations and Supply Chain
  • MBA 565: Project Management

Concentrations (15 credit hours)

Organizational Analytics 

MBA 567: Analytics I: Quantitative Methods
MBA 568: Analytics II: Spreadsheet Decision Making
MBA 569: Analytics III: Business Data Mining
MBA 595: Analytics IV: R/SAS Programming
MBA 595: Topics in Applied Management: Analytics Practicum

Corporate Communications

COM 512: Organizational Communications
COM 522: Reputation Management
COM 532: Corporate Presentation and Writing
COM 542: Global and Intercultural Communications
COM 552: Corporate Communications Capstone