The next cohort of LSB graduate students starts with you

Do you know someone who would benefit from earning their graduate degree in business at Elon? Who would you imagine as a rising leader who could benefit from enhancing their business acumen?

Providing a referral can be one of the most powerful ways to connect people. Let’s partner to invite your colleagues, friends and those you feel who would value pursuing their graduate education at Elon.

Alumni and current students can earn a $500 referral gift for each new graduate student you refer who successfully begins the program.

Program details:

  • The referral form must be submitted before the applicant begins an application.
  • A referral does not mean automatic admission. Referred students must meet the admissions requirements for the program they are applying to and undergo the admissions process.
  • Current graduate students and alumni can refer prospective students to any Love School of Business program (not just their associated program).
  • Referred students must successfully complete the program’s orientation and at least 3 credit/semester hours before the $500 gift will be issued.
  • The $500 gift will be delivered as a check and mailed to the address provided in the referral form.
  • All current graduate students and alumni can make a referral; however, the referred student must be a full-pay student. Examples of non-full-pay students include Elon employees and Elon athletes (whether receiving full or partial scholarship). Please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions, if you have questions related to who is designated as full-pay.
  • Your Information

  • Please provide your address so we know where to send your gift when ready.
  • Prospective Student Information