Elon’s M.S. in Business Analytics program includes 33 credit hours of core graduate coursework, one non-credit orientation workshop, and two foundation courses. Business and analytics core courses start in the fall and are completed concurrently. Students completing the full-time, fast-track sequence may start with a foundations course in July.

One Required Non-Credit Workshop

MSBA 501: Introduction to the MSBA

Business Core (18 credit hours)

MSBA 625: Economic Policy and the Global Environment

MSBA 715: Managerial Accounting

MSBA 627: Marketing Management

MSBA 717: Financial Management

MSBA 623: Management and Organizational Behavior

Select one of the following to complete the Business Core:

MSBA 641: Advanced Operations and Supply Chain

MSBA 645: Project Management

Analytics Core (15 credit hours)

MSBA 643: Analytics I: Quantitative Methods

MSBA 661: Analytics II: Decision Modeling

MSBA 662: Analytics III: Business Data Mining

MSBA 663: Analytics IV: Programming Basics

MSBA 675: Analytics V: Capstone**

*MSBA 643 is a pre-requisite for MSBA 661, 662 and 663
**MSBA 643-663 are pre-requisites for MSBA 675

Foundation Courses

ACC 495: Principles of Financial Accounting

FIN 495: Principles of Finance

The MSBA program requires that all students demonstrate adequate preparation in accounting and finance prior to enrolling in the core MSBA accounting and finance courses. Satisfaction of this requirement can be demonstrated in one of two ways:

  • One example could be evidence of prior undergraduate coursework in accounting and/or finance. To be acceptable, such coursework should have been completed within five years of entering the MSBA program. Students with prior coursework must also pass qualifying exams in accounting or finance.
  • Students also can successfully complete foundation classes, usually taken at the undergraduate level, in accounting and/or finance. Such foundation classes can be taken at Elon or at some other approved institution. The MSBA program must grant approval.