The M.S. in Business Analytics at Elon admissions policy is designed to select outstanding students who have demonstrated academic ability, leadership and managerial promise. Each applicant is considered holistically on completed academic work, test scores, evidence of leadership and motivation, credentials, and letters of recommendation.

Application Deadlines

The M.S in Business Analytics at Elon enrolls cohorts each fall, spring and summer. Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Fall Enrollment Spring Enrollment Summer Enrollment
International April 15 September 15 January 15
Domestic Priority April 15 December 15 January 15
Domestic Final July 15 January 15 April 15


See M.S. in Business Analytics Admissions Requirements & Procedures

Foundation Courses

The M.S. in Business Analytics program at Elon requires that all students take foundation coursework in accounting and finance prior to enrolling in the core accounting and finance courses. These two foundation courses are taught by Elon M.S. in Business Analytics faculty and are designed specifically to prepare students for the core classes. Students are not required to complete these foundation courses before they enroll in other M.S. in Business Analytics classes. Students may take any courses that do not require accounting or finance as prerequisites.

Students who have prior coursework in accounting or finance are eligible to take placement exams, which, if passed, will enable the student to exempt this requirement. The assessment exams are available in both accounting and finance.