Elon MSBA alumni work in a variety of fields, including data and information services, marketing, higher education and banking. They work for organizations such as Allegacy Federal Credit Union, Home Meridian International, IHS Markit and The Marketing Arm.

Allie Creekmuir G’21

Associate analyst, Impact strategy at The Marketing Arm

Allie’s Elon MSBA experience built upon her interest in marketing and gave her the knowledge and tools she needed to be able to use data to better understand consumer behavior and help inform marketing campaign decisions.

Travish Hicks G’21

Product analyst at Champion

Small class sizes and the MSBA curriculum are two reasons Travish chose to study at Elon. Without an undergraduate degree in business, Travish wanted to make sure he gained core business competencies in areas such as accounting, marketing and finance in addition to business analytics.

Akram El Sallaly G’21

Professional Tennis Player

One aspect of the MSBA program that stood out to Akram was the application of course material into real world situations. Through class projects, he was able to gain experience cleaning and analyzing real data sets and using data stories to communicate key insights.