Elon Computing Sciences


Miles A. Camp (Dr. Shannon Duvall) Department of Computing Sciences

The goal of this research is to determine if technology is an effective aid in assisting speech therapy. This software intends to help facilitate at-home practice of speech exercises, track completion of practices, and archive practices for long-term assessments.

Personal computing devices, especially mobile devices, have been able to make common tasks that were once boring or difficult to complete feel more fun while offering increased benefits. This software will motivate the patient to complete exercises, aid patients in improving their speech, and increase communication between regular in-person sessions. With this software, patients use an application on a mobile device to view, record and listen to assigned practices, and they are required to record their voice pronouncing each word in the practice. Once the assignment is finished, the patient can listen to him or herself saying each word. The speech pathologist uses a website to track the patients’ progress in a practice, provide feedback, assign and manage practices, and attach notes on patients archived recordings.

The presentation will show the result of gathering feedback from speech pathologists and patients on the use of the software. The results will determine if patients benefit from the software. The project is the first application that is delivering this service to speech pathologists and their patients. The entire service will be made available online for use and further evaluation.