Elon Computing Sciences


Presentation at Elon Student Undergraduate Research Forum, Spring 2004

Jeffrey M. Houston (Professor Joel Hollingsworth), Department of Computing Sciences

Almost all modern computer games allow the player to interact with a 3-dimensional game environment. These game environments typically include many objects such as landscapes, interactive creatures, and player manipulated constructs, including realistic skeletal bone structures.  The creation of a 3-dimensional game environment is a complex and daunting task.  Creating these environments is made more difficult by working in a non-visual programming environment. A visual editor has been developed to assist game developers in the creation of 3-dimensional game environments. The visual editor allows game developers the ability to graphically build objects from components, control the placement and orientation of these objects, and install lighting and shading variations for realistic environments.  Using a scripting language, a game developer will be able to describe interactions within the game environment.

This talk will explore the current status of this new visual editor for game environments. An introduction to the capabilities of the editor will include a demonstration. The demonstration will use the editor to visually create an interactive 3-dimensional game environment.  This talk will include a short discussion about the implementation of the editor and future plans.