Elon Computing Sciences


Presentation at Elon Student Undergraduate Research Forum, Spring 2005

Ryan P. Markel (Professor Michele Kleckner) Department of Computing Sciences

The world is moving away from desktop computers with high-resolution monitors and high-speed Internet connections. Today’s environment requires that technology solutions cater not only to the traditional platforms, but also to many different mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants (PDA) and cell phones. Among their many other differences, these new mobile devices have multiple screen resolutions and connection speeds. Today’s developers are faced with the task of processing requests and delivering content to a variety of client devices, while trying to keep production costs as low as possible. This project has been undertaken to explore the challenge of multiple platform development.

The first phase of the research investigated the various options that are available to complete the task. With the help of many “white papers” from Sun Microsystems and Nokia, the tools were installed to allow development to take place. To make the project results more meaningful, the most open toolsets were selected for use. Several applications were required to provide the needed functionality. The main question I hope to answer is to determine the degree of difficulty involved in delivering content to multiple platforms using the technologies of Java 2 Enterprise Edition, whose standards seem to be the most appropriate in this area.

When the investigation has been completed, I will be able to present the results of my development work and explain the difficulties and successes that occurred throughout the experience.