Honors Program

Already Teaching an Honors Course?

The scholarship of teaching and learning is a growing field. As new information about effective teaching and learning strategies for high achieving and gifted students becomes available, we will share that information with you. Please see  the Honors Teaching Notes we have compiled after surveying the current scholarship and compiling feedback from Elon Honors students for the past three years. This document includes specific teaching and learning strategies that have been shown to be effective with high achieving and gifted students. 

  • Just finished teaching a first-year disciplinary course for Honors? Assess your course with this form.
  • Just finished teaching a multidisciplinary course for Honors? Assess your course with this form.
  • Just finished teaching a team-taught interdisciplinary course for Honors? Assess your course with this form.

Interested in Proposing a New Honors Course?

The Honors Program provides unique opportunities for faculty with a record of strong teaching to develop new courses. There are three types of Honors courses for which we accept applications:

  • Honors discipline-based introductory seminars in the arts and sciences (for first-year students; taught spring only)
  • Honors team-taught interdisciplinary seminars (for second-year students; taught fall and spring semesters)
  • Honors small multidisciplinary seminars (for second-year students; taught fall and spring semesters)

Benefits include:

  • The satisfaction of teaching bright, engaged, motivated and well-prepared students.
  • A chance to develop a new course in a topic area of your selection, and if it is an interdisciplinary course, the unique opportunity to teach with a colleague from another discipline. 
  • A summer stipend to support course development during the summer before teaching ($2,000).
  • Course enrichment funds to really engage your class during the semester ($500)

These courses would be normally taught in the academic year after the proposal is accepted, but we can be flexible regarding scheduling. Proposals are generally due in mid-September and are reviewed by the Honors Advisory Committee. The guidelines document provides more informtion about each of the three types of Honors classes and how they fit into the Honors curriculum. The proposal form provides detailed instructions for proposing a new course, with information about the goals and requirements of these courses. The Honors Teaching Notes document provides some information on what we know about teaching high achieving and gifted students. And if you'd like to see examples of courses we have offered in the past, check out the list of Honors courses. Please get in touch with Tom Mould or Barbara Miller if you are interested in proposing a class.