About the Colloquium Requirement

There are many ways to learn outside the classroom and contribute to the academic climate of Elon. One great way is through the wide variety of speakers and cultural events sponsored by the university. The Cultural Calendar lists events scheduled on campus for each semester and all events on the Cultural Calendar count toward Honors students’ Colloquium requirement. However, you are not limited to on-campus events!

Honors students are required to write in detail about an one of the events they attended each time they submit a 4998 or end of year report.

You can do more than attend and reflect on the events:

  • Invite another student or two to go with you.
  • Listen to the questions and answers afterwards and ask a provocative question of your own.
  • Attend the dinner with the speaker before a Liberal Arts Forum event.
  • Jot down a few notes about ideas that struck you.
  • Get coffee afterwards and discuss your reactions with others.