Honors Courses

Honors Fellows take a set of courses designed especially for them during their first two years. These liberal arts courses provide intellectual challenge within a supportive small-class framework and fulfill some of the university’s General Studies requirements.

Honors courses in the first and second years have two principal goals: to provide for intensive study of an academic subject while using several critical perspectives, and to prepare students for sophisticated research. Students practice communicating their ideas clearly and professionally. For some information and data about best practices for an Honors curriculum, please see the Honors Teaching Notes document we developed for both faculty and students.

In their third and fourth years, Honors students will apply these skills to their advanced work in their majors and to design their Honors theses.

498 Requirements and Registration

Honors fellows are required to complete eight hours of HNR 498 credit with their mentors. They may begin taking 498 hours the fall semester of their junior year, as long as they intend to propose their thesis that semester as well. The 498 hours may be divided up a variety of ways, although the hours should be taken during a regular semester and at least four hours should be completed during the student’s senior year.

Students are required to register online for HNR 498 themselves; however, they should develop their 498 contracts in conversation with their mentor. Please use the HNR 498 Registration Contract to outline your expectations for the semester, including due dates and guidelines for grading. Once completed, the student can register online through the Registrar’s Office. The online registration must be approved by the mentor, the student’s department chair, and the Honors Director. Please submit the registration early so that these parties have sufficient time to read and approve the registration.