Celebrating the Honors Fellows of 2020

Graduating 2020 Honors Fellows,
Congratulations! We are excited to celebrate you as your senior year comes to a close. You have made us proud with your curiosity, creativity, and resilience. We are confident that the future holds great things for each of you and we look forward to seeing where life takes you.
Your Honors Directors

“Senior Social Distancing Dinner” Order of Events

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Congratulations from Elon President Connie Ledoux Book
  • A Special Recognition
  • Students’ Appreciation of the Mentors
  • Mentors’ Comments to the Fellows
  • Closing Words

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Congratulations from Elon President Connie Ledoux Book

Fellows’ Appreciation of the Mentors


Mentors’ Comments to the Fellows







Introducing the 2020 Fellows and Their Mentors

Amanda Rose Bingaman, “Internationally Adopted Children with PHIV: A Longitudinal Qualitative Study of Adoption Narratives and HIV Disclosure Practices,” mentored by Cynthia Fair

Isabel Blanco Araujo, “A Retrospective, Cross-generational Study of Children’s Play Behaviors in Venezuela” mentored by Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler

Drew Nicholas Bowman, Chasing Rainbows: Colorizing Black and White Images With Adversarial Learning,” mentored by Scott Spurlock

Amanda Kehler Bryant, “Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in Europe: Socioeconomic Drivers of Supply and Demand,” mentored by Joel Shelton

June Ida Burke, “Psychotherapeutic Interventions and Utilization by Pediatric Psychosocial Providers,” mentored by Cynthia Fair

Alyssa Rose Caffrey, “The Samuel H. Kress Collection: World War Two, Old Masters, and the American Tradition of Collecting,” mentored by Evan Gatti

Bailee Madison Castillo, “A Dam Problem: Investigating the Influence of Dams on Economic Development,” mentored by Tonmoy Islam

Elizabeth Ann Chapman, “The Stabilization of Amyloid-beta Oligomers using Serotonin, Indole, and Catechol and Its Effects on DNA,” mentored by Kathy Matera

Morgan Wilson Collins, “More than Words: Patagonia’s Corporate Social Advocacy as a form of Deliberative Democracy,” mentored by Barbara Miller Gaither

Sarah Hope Dolce, “A Strange New World: Hybridization in the Anthropocene,” mentored by Amanda Chunco

Mary Elizabeth Emmerling, “Reading Poems, Reading Culture: Analyzing Christina Rossetti’s Poetic Representations of Women in Victorian Britain,” mentored by Rosemary Haskell

Taylor Elaine Garner, “Mobilizing Memories: Women’s Affective and Embodied Memory Work in Post-Conflict Societies,” mentored Sandy Marshall

Claire Patricia Gerkins, “L’Humanité des êtres animaux et l’animalité des êtres humains: Une analyse littéraire et socio-philosophique de la subjectivité animale dans trois mémoires français contemporains,” mentored by Olivia Choplin

Julia Rose Goldstein, “Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling: An Investigation into Women’s Compensation and Qualifications in the C-Suite,” mentored by Kate Upton

Kylee Reese Gomilla, “Mathematical Modeling for Charlotte Mecklenburg High School Attendance Zone Plans,” mentored by Crista Arangala

Sarah Taylor Hartsema, “The Relationship Between Trade Credit and Intangible Assets,” mentored by Chris Harris

Avery H. Hunt, “CNC Scenery: New Methods of Creating Theatrical Scenery Using Advances in Production Technology,” mentored by Natalie Hart

Erin Taylor Jenkins, “US-Pakistan Relations & Pakistan’s Religious Minorities: Deepening Disenchantment, 2008-2016,” mentored by Jason Kirk

Yasmeen Irene Lee, “Understanding Social Media’s Impact on Breastfeeding Black Millennials,” mentored by Stephanie Baker

Elena Maria Lostoski, “Effects of Oral 5-HTP Administration on Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Performance,” mentored by Mat Gendle

Jonathan Andrew Martinez, “The Strength of Brain Power: Implications of Mental Practice on Brain and Muscle Activity,” mentored by Matt Wittstein

Christina Annaliese McFarlane, “Finding New Nickel- and Cobalt-Centered CO2 Reduction Catalysts,” mentored by Karl Seinerth

Megan Wiley Miller, “African American Women’s Experiences with Birth After a Prior Cesarean Section,” mentored by Stephanie Baker

Kelsey Elizabeth Milo, “Born for the Big Leagues: A Qualitative Study of Cuban Major League Baseball Players in Sports Illustrated from 1992 to 2019,” mentored by David Bockino

Abigail Elizabeth Phillips, “Comparison of Parametric, Nonparametric, and Semi-Nonparametric Survival Analysis with Right-Censored Data,” mentored by Kirsten Doehler

Simran Puri, “Does Gender Diversity Impact Financial Performance and Risk?,” mentored by Kate Upton

Vanessa Amber Salama, “The Effects of Caffeine Intake and Coffee Volume on Energy Intake, Appetite, Mood, and Cognitive Function in Female Habitual Caffeine Consumers, mentored by Svetlana Nepocatych

Gilbert Harrison Schultz, “How Video Game Streamers Design and Develop Their Brands, mentored by William Moner

Louisa Marie Sholar, “Gender Justice and the Global Population Debate: A Case Study in Guyana,” mentored by Toddie Peters

Zachary James Skillings, “A New Adult: A Documentary Film & The Social and Economic Benefits of Childhood Music Instruction: An Analysis of El Sistema-Inspired Programs,” mentored by Douglas Kass

Alanna Solomon-Dodson, “The Utility of Positive Psychology in the Evolution of Sport Injury Theories,” mentored by Caroline Ketcham and Eric Hall

Andrea St Laurent, “Investigating the role of Asparagine Synthetase in Chemotherapeutic Resistance in Leukemic and Neuroblastoma Cells,” mentored by Tonya Train

David Joseph Temming, “Making Waves: Additive Synthesis via the Continuous Wavelet Transform,” mentored by Scott Spurlock

Alex Spencer Toma, “New Look, Same Great Taste: The Examination of Four Cases Toward a Theory of Rebranding,” mentored by Kenn Gaither

Charlie Jane Trinco, “A Study of the Impact of President Donald Trump’s Company-Specific Tweets on Company Stock Performance,” mentored by Kate Upton

Mara Rosalia Walters, ““It makes me feel like I have freedom”: Examining the Social-Emotional Effects of a School Garden at a Title I Elementary School,” mentored by Scott Morrison

Very Special Thanks

Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, Interim Associate Provost

Tammy Womack

Ted Moree and TLT

Patrick Noltemeyer and the President’s Office

Abbi Decker

Jordan Young