Faculty interested in teaching an Honors seminar?

The Honors Program provides unique opportunities for faculty with a record of strong teaching to develop new courses. There are three types of Honors seminars for which we accept applications:

  • Honors discipline-based introductory seminars in the arts and sciences (for first-year students; taught spring only)
  • Honors team-taught interdisciplinary seminars (for second-year students; taught fall and spring semesters)
  • Honors multidisciplinary seminars (for second-year students; taught fall and spring semesters)

Benefits include:

    • The satisfaction of teaching bright, engaged, motivated and well-prepared students
    • A chance to develop a new course in a topic area of your selection, and if it is an interdisciplinary course, the unique opportunity to teach with a colleague from another discipline
    • A summer stipend to support course development during the summer before teaching ($2,000)
    • A stipend when the course is taught ($1,000 for single instructor courses, $1,500 for a team taught course)
    • Course enrichment funds to engage your class during the semester ($500)
  • Propose an Honors Seminar: