Student Involvement is responsible for the administrative aspect of all student organizations. We are also the starting point for new organizations and serve as a facilitator for goal setting, membership rosters, and progress reports.

Mission of Elon University's Student Organizations

Student Organizations at Elon University provide quality programs, services, and leadership opportunities that will enhance classroom learning and compliment the Elon experience. Student organizations serve as a means for enriching academic and professional endeavors, promoting ethical and moral development, appreciating diversity, encouraging civic engagement, providing leadership development, and supporting the establishment of meaningful interpersonal relationships.

A student organization at Elon University can be defined as a group of students joined together in the pursuit of a common educational or co-curricular purpose that supports the mission and values of Student Involvement and of Elon University.

In addition, the Student Life Committee has adopted the following document identifying the Core Principles for Elon University Student Organizations

Organization Category Mission Statements

Each of our recognized student organizations is placed in one of the following categories:  

Academic – To further knowledge and enhance commitment to future study through affiliation with an academic department, major, or professional organization.

Competition - To engage students in a variety of contests to test their knowledge and skills. To prepare and train students to compete against others in co-curricular challenges and events. 

Club Sports - To promote and develop interest in a particular sport or activity. Clubs may be instructional, recreational, competitive, or may be involved in any combination of these elements.

Cultural - To celebrate different cultures' histories and traditions. To educate students on cultures different from their own in order to enhance their global perspective. 

Fine Arts - To create and promote the use of creative arts including music, performance, dance, talent, and creative skills. 

Government – To educate and facilitate knowledge about the various aspects of government and the governance of the Elon University campus. To promote open-minded public discussion of relevant issues and focus on social support in hopes of providing real life solutions to topics of interest.

Greek – To foster the development of their members by promoting friendship, loyalty, academic achievement and intellectual development, service to the community and the alma mater, honor and integrity, leadership and personal responsibility. Fraternity and sororities promote intimate, lifetime relationship bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Honors – To recognize students for their academic, scholarly, or leadership achievements by conferring membership upon their members.

Media - To provide students a means for showcasing their multi-media talents and publish their work. To provide information on current events and related news to the Elon community.  

Professional - To support students in their career and internship aspirations. To provide a network for students with similar professional interests where they can learn about their future career field.  

Programming – To provide activities and entertainment for the campus and community. Sponsored programs and activities include social, educational, information, or developmental events that contribute to the development of students. They focus on designing and implementing programs that broaden the cultural awareness and appreciation of diversity on campus.

Religion and Spirituality – To educate students about and support particular spiritual and/or religious practices, philosophies, and/or beliefs.

Service – To provide volunteer service to others and encourage civic engagement.

Comprehensive list of all recognized Student Organizations can be found on PhoenixCONNECT 

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Student Involvement
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