Student organizations provide value to our campus community and to the experience at Elon. As such they are expected to abide by all appropriate policies and procedures. Elon University will not support or condone behaviors that violate the inherent dignity and safety of any individual or group and will hold the organization and its members accountable. This section helps in understanding the conduct process and resources available.



As a collegiate community, Elon University will not support or condone behaviors that violate the integrity of any individual or group. While the University respects the right of its community to exercise free speech, behaviors will not be tolerated that involve discrimination, harassment, destruction of property, or acts of violence. Elon University does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, creed, sex, national or ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status in the recruitment and admission of students, the recruitment and employment of faculty and staff, or the operation of any of its programs. Student Organizations that fail to abide by these standards may result in University action being initiated against the group; consequently, policies, procedures and penalties set forth in this document apply to student organizations collectively as well as to individual students.

Designated student leaders within each organization will be required to participate in educational programs on risk management, event planning, and other important topics each year for continued organization recognition and all associated benefits. This recognition does not imply the University assumes legal responsibility for the actions of any organization or individual in the organization. Officers and leaders of student organizations are responsible for assuring compliance both on and off campus for organization activity regarding regulations and may be held accountable for failing to do so.

Officers and organization leaders are also responsible for representation of their group when University proceedings are initiated. Group violations of Elon’s Code of Conduct may occur when any one of the following situations exists:

  • Members of the group act in concert, or the organization provides the impetus for violation of University policies and procedures.
  • A violation arises out of a group-sponsored, financed or endorsed event, including those that are promoted informally and aren’t necessarily part of the official organization minutes/records.
  • A group leader(s) has knowledge of the act or incident before or while it occurs and fails to take corrective action.
  • A pattern of individual violations is found to have existed without proper or appropriate group control, remedy or sanction.
  • Some Elon student organizations belong to a governing council that adopts policies and procedures applicable to its organizations and their members. For example, club sports have a Council and belong to regional/national leagues that both have policies; another example is Fraternity and Sorority Life, fraternities and sororities have organized councils such as National Pan-Hellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, and Panhellenic Association. Elon expects council policies and procedures will be followed and enforced by the student organizations and councils.

Code of Conduct and Proceedings

All student organizations are expected to abide by the Elon Honor Code and all national, state, local and University policies at all times. A student organization and its leaders and members may be held collectively and individually responsible when violations of the Honor Code by the organization or its members. Violations of the Honor Code will be considered for adjudication by the Office of Student Conduct. The full code of conduct and respective sanctions are fully outlined in the Student Handbook for reference. All questions regarding student organizations and conduct can be directed to the Assistant Dean of Students, 336-278-7200.

Hazing Prevention

Hazing is a serious infraction of the Elon Honor Code. No student organization shall conduct nor condone hazing activities, and all will support the University’s anti-hazing policy. Elon’s full hazing policy and resources can be found on the Hazing Prevention website. If you or another member of your organization has concerns and would like additional support, please call the Hazing Hotline at 336.278.HAZE (4293) or go to the Hazing Prevention Website to file a report.

Non-Discrimination, Bias, Harassment and Hate

Elon University will not tolerate or condone any form of abusive or discriminatory behavior on the part of its members, whether physical, mental or emotional in respect to sex, race, ethnicity, physical or emotional handicap, age, marital status or sexual orientation. This includes any actions not limited to sexual assault, verbal harassment or deemed demeaning to all. Any organization leader or member who witnesses, is subjected to, or informed about of incidents of discrimination, sexual harassment, and/or related retaliation involving faculty, staff, or students has multiple ways to confidentially report identity-based bias incidents or hate crimes here –

Fire and Life Safety

All organizational activities and events shall adhere to state, local and University fire and health codes and standards. The possession and/or use of firearms or explosive devices of any kind within the confines of University owned property is forbidden. Please refer to the Elon’s Weapon Policy for more information All activities planned in conjunction with the organization shall take into account the health and safety of all participants.