College Street Tap House 

The College Street Tap House is back!  The newly renovated activities space is now available for Elon student groups to reserve for their private events!  Located past Pandora’s Pies, College Tap House is THE place to throw the best events on campus. Tap House comes equipped with a premiere sound system, space for over 250 people, and a stage for fun activities like karaoke, banquets, open mic, and battle of the bands.

Amenities include air conditioning, electric heat, freezer, wifi, and a pool table.  The sound system and assistance from a sound technician are also available upon request.

** Groups wanting to host special events must reserve Tap House 10 business days before the event through SPACES


  • Technician: $9.00 per hour for events needing a sound and light technician
  • Facility Manager: $9.00 per hour for events requiring ID checks at the door
  • Cleaning: $85 per event if food and alcohol will be present or if you are expecting more than 100 guests

Hours of Operation

8am – 11pm on weekdays (Sunday-Thursday) and 8am-2am on weekends (Friday and Saturday). No noise should be audible outside the room/lounge/house after this time.

Facility Maintance

Clean-up of all areas inside, as well as outside (deck, patio, surrounding walkways, and parking lots), is required. This includes picking up all trash (including cigarette butts).

Campus Safety & Police

Campus Safety and Police must be hired if there are 100+ guests and if alcohol is served. Security must be hired at a minimum rate of $25/hour for a minimum of 4 hours. Payment is due at the conclusion of the event. Multi-serving containers and mixed drinks are not permitted. Only canned beer and wine may be served. If alcohol is served, the organization sponsoring the event is responsible for seeing that all laws of the State of NC are followed with respect to age and over consumption. The sponsoring organization could be held liable, along with the University, for any problems that arise from the dispensing of alcohol at the College Street Tap House. Please contact Captain Vicki Moehlman at or 336.278.5555 to hire security.

Food & Beverage

Aramark is required for catered food according to the college policy. (Any exception to this policy can only be made by the ARAMARK Front Line Manager.) Please contact Aramark Catering at 336.278.5330 for assistance.

Elon treats Elon students and their guests as responsible adults and expects them to act accordingly. Elon, and/or its employees, are not responsible for the conduct of Elon students and their guests. As the sponsoring organization, you accept full responsibility for the actions of your members and guests.

Please contact Jenny Ciesiulka, Assistant Director of Student Activities, with any questions at or (336) 278-7214