Civic Engagement, Activities, Protests and Demonstrations

Elon University seeks to encourage students to be civically and politically aware and involved, and supports a vibrant environment where students express their views openly on any part of the campus. The university requires that activities and events be registered to ensure safety and the orderly functioning of the university, but does not censor or marginalize any group or point of view. In exercising their free speech rights, University community members assume responsibility for the consequences of their actions and do not represent the university. All forms of speech/protest must adhere to state and federal laws, as well as the university honor code, and must not interfere with the normal operations of the university. Please refer to the Civic Engagement website at for the university’s statements and guidelines for Campus Events, Demonstrations, and Student Protests. More detailed policies are found within the Student Handbook, but a brief summary of policies approved by the Student Life Committee is presented here.

Speakers Corner:

To provide a convenient and visible location for spontaneous student activism and civic engagement activities/programs on campus, the Speakers’ Corner area designated by a sign in front of the Moseley Center is designated for individual students or small student groups. Activities in this location that meet the following criteria are not required to be registered:  

  • No persons involved from outside the university.

  • No amplification.

  • Does not disrupt others.

  • Does not damage property (including the lawn itself)

  • Does not cause a dangerous condition (thus, stakes may not be planted in the ground without the approval of Physical Plant due to electrical/water lines, etc)

Typical activities include, for example, displaying a signboard on which students may write their opinions, chalking the sidewalk, student speeches or handouts on a current issue, a memorial vigil, etc.

The Speakers Corner




Demonstrations and protests may be registered in advance of the planned activity by completing the Event Registration form available at the Moseley front desk or online at Event Registration Forms 

Note: The registration of demonstrations and protests will be expedited and approved within three days. Students may protest or hold demonstrations in any part of campus, including the Phi Beta Kappa Plaza, the Young Commons, and the Chandler or Fonville Fountain. When protests or demonstrations occur in the context of a speaker on campus, audience members may not infringe upon others’ ability to view or to comprehend the speaker. Protests and demonstration areas, if established for a campus speaker or program, must be visible and in proximity to the event.