Scholarships in Art History

Scholarships in Art History recognize the work of outstanding Art History Majors. A strong applicant will have an above-average GPA in Art History courses at Elon and be an active participant* in the Art History program. Four people siting on a bench holding awards

The Edwina Graff Hughes Johnston Award is given to a rising senior who has shown excellence in academic work and active participation* in the Art History program.

The Helen B. Rippy Award is given to a strong applicant with an above-average GPA in Art History courses at Elon. This student must also be an active participant* in the Art History program.

person sitting at an easel painting The Rhoades Endowment For Global Education was established by retired Elon University faculty member Barbara Rhoades in honor of her father and generations of her family before and after who traveled to understand and appreciate diverse cultures. Distributions from the Endowment are awarded annually to support deserving Elon students who are majoring in art or art history and wish to participate in the University’s Global Educations program, which comprises both International Study and Study USA.  The scholarship will alternate from year to year, with the award being given to the Department of Art one year, and the Art History program in the Department of History and Geography in the following year. By completing this application, you authorize the department to inquire about your need-based status.

*Active participation does not mean simply going to talks that are required for your classes, rather taking a leadership role in our program in the department and across campus.

Please email all applications to Applications are due on April 1st