Congratulations to the

2021 Honors Fellows

We are especially proud of your accomplishments. You have persevered through adversity and come through the other side stronger. We are excited to see what the future has in store for you!

Please take some time to enjoy these messages from your mentors . . .

Congratulations to . . .

Griffin Patrick Barriss, “Transferring Knowledge into Action: Examining the Impact of a Rural-Indian Adolescent Girls Intervention at the Individual, Familial, and Community Level,” mentored by Amanda Tapler

Daniel Thomas Bascuñan-Wiley, “The Chilean Awakening: A content analysis of the 2019 Chilean protests,” mentored by Bud Warner

Noelle Sophia Bates, “Representations of Mental Health in Thriller Film,” mentored by Jennifer Carroll

Mikaela D. Benton, “The Nature and Effects of President Trump’s targeted attacks on Minority Women in the House of Representatives,” mentored by Kaye Usry

William Michael Bruno, “Documenting Sex: A Dramaturgical Investigation of Various Frameworks of Sex Work Regulation,” mentored by Susanne Shawyer

Payton McAllister Byrnes, “Exploring the Framing of Ecofeminism in US News Media,” mentored by Alex Luchsinger

Madison Caron Clark, “Considerations in Innovative Mathematics Teaching: An Exploratory Case Study in the 5th Grade ,” mentored by Katie Baker

Abigail Margaret Decker, “Gender(ed) Matters in Nature Based Education,” mentored by Scott Morrison

Anne Elizabeth Earnshaw, “Maternity and the Young Voice in Young Adult Literary Fiction,” mentored by Cassie Kircher

Briana Charia Edwards, “The Representation of Women Before and During the #MeToo movement in Hip-Hop Lyrics,” mentored by Qian Xu

Jessica Emily Flacksenburg, “Analyzing Power and Ideological Bias in U.S. Textbooks: A Case Study of the Bill of Rights Institute,” mentored by Laura Roselle

Amanda Lees Gibson, “A Journalist’s Dilemma: The Tale of Two Stories Human Rights Coverage during Argentina’s 1978 World Cup,” mentored by Glenn Scott

Sydney Rey Hallisey, “Narratives of Female Empowerment in Forced Migration,” mentored by Damion Blake

Andrew McAfee Jackson, “Volatility and ESG Focused Public Companies,” mentored by Chris Harris

Savannah Lynne Kile, “The Effect of the Myeloperoxidase Enzyme on Protein Tissue Oxidation and its Possible Implications in the Pathology of Rheumatoid Arthritis,” mentored by Kathy Matera

Emily Marie Guyton Lange, “Female Identity and Intersectionality in Contemporary Speculative Fiction,” mentored by Megan Isaac

Seth Logan McKee, “An Investigation into the Cellular Response Created by FOLFIRINOX in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma,” mentored by Victoria Moore

Sarah Jane McNamee, “The Physical, Mental, and Creative Implications of Dance as a Form of Play: A Comparison of Pre-Professional Dancers and Collegiate Recreational Dancers,” mentored by Lauren Kearns

McKenzie E. Miller, “Erasure and Representation of Bisexuality in Fall 2019 Scripted Comedies on ABC,” mentored by Staci Saltz

Matthew Holton Mitten, “Investigating the Impact of Investor Attention on Price and Volatility of Cryptocurrency and Stablecoins,” mentored by Chris Harris

Meghan Eun-Seon Murray, “Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of Spiritual Intelligence,” mentored by Carri Reisdorf

Angela Dawn Myers, “Rewriting Prevention: A Rhetorical Study of Online Sexual Assault Prevention Courses on College Campuses,” mentored by Jessie Moore

Marybeth Collins Nemecek, “The Impact of Technology Use on Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills of Elementary School Students,” mentored by Katy Rouse

Megan Zakaya Furneaux Noor, “Confronting Islamophobia: Can media framing increase acceptance of American Muslims?” mentored by Kaye Usry

Ayooluwa Jonathan Onasanya, “Utilizing Hip-Hop/Rap to Examine the Importance of Culturally Inclusive Teaching in Music,” mentored by Cora Palfy

Benjamin Maxwell Rosicky, “Predicting Physical Activity from Personality Types,” mentored by Eric Hall

Lily Jing Sandifer-Stech, “A Comparative Analysis of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and World Bank’s Accountability Mechanisms Through Two Indian Case Studies,” mentored by Jason Kirk

Nicole Marie Schapowal, “Understanding Childhood Empathy Through Movements During Group Performance Sessions,” mentored by Cora Palfy

Kevin Mark Kentaro Scott, “Investigating the Effect of a High Salt Environment on HER2+ Gastric Cancer Cells through SIK3 Protein Activation,” mentored by Yuko Miyamoto

Jackson Wesley Spivey, “Conflict Made Visible: A Content Analysis of the Murals of Northern Ireland,” mentored by Shannon Zenner

Kaitlin V. Theall, “Mediating Moroccan Identity: The State Sponsorship of Sufism in the News Media,” mentored by Ariela Marcus-Sells

Nicholas Stephen Urbanski, “The protective role of S. epidermidis against skin cancer across various demographic groups,” mentored by Jennifer Uno

Mary Alice Anne Waddell, “‘Threaten Our Existence. Expect Our Resistance’: Native American Narratives and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Crisis, 2016-2018,” mentored by Laura Roselle

Cameron Clarke Wilson, “Communicating from the Court to the Community: A Content Analysis of Six NBA Team’s Social Responsibility Twitter Communications,” mentored by Hal Vincent