Research/Creative Interests

Assessing the impacts of chemicals on the fear behaviors and learning abilities of fish. Also known as neurotoxicology.

Research/Creative Needs

Designing and conducting experiments on animals, programing a computer to measure the animals’ behaviors, and then analyzing your resulting data. Alternatively, reviewing and summarizing existing publications on related research.

Mentoring Style

  • Typically one-on-one

Currently looking for a student to apply and work in these programs

  • Any program/opportunity

I can mentor a student enrolled in 4998/4999 hours during these semesters

  • Any Fall semester
  • Any Spring semester

Student Qualifications

  • If you have an interest in this research, that’s the important thing. Some background in foundational biology topics is good, but I can get you up to speed if needed.

Little Bit More Information

  • I’m going to make an investment of time and energy into training you to do research, and I therefore am looking for students prepared to do research with me for at least 2 academic years. I am open to 1-year stints, but your experience will be far more constrained because of the short time-frame and project structure.

Interested? Please email me to set up a meeting.