Where is your sapling?

The oak sapling you received at graduation is a symbol of your growth while at Elon. As your sapling grows, it signifies your continued development as lifelong learners. Map the location of your sapling below to show the reach of Elon’s alumni footprint.

Map Your Sapling

Frequently Asked Questions

I planted my sapling at my family’s house, and they have since moved. Can I still map my sapling?

Yes! To be represented on the map, just enter the location where you planted your sapling even if your family no longer calls it home.

Despite best intentions, my sapling has died. Should I submit its location anyway?

Absolutely! We can’t all be green thumbs. Again, just submit the information about where you planted your sapling, no matter its current status. For information on how to request a replacement Elon sapling please contact alumni@elon.edu.

My sapling entry is showing up with my zip code but the wrong city. What gives?

For privacy reasons, the map does not include specific street addresses. As a result, sapling locations will display the largest city associated with a given zip code. Safety first!