REMINDER: Ready & Resilient Training Modules offer a healthy start for students, faculty and staff

Elon is requiring all students, faculty and staff to complete the Ready & Resilient Training Modules and take up the Healthy Elon Commitment to ensure a safe fall semester for the campus community.

As students, faculty and staff prepare to begin a new academic year, the university is taking a number of precautions to protect the campus community.

To support a healthy campus this fall, every member of the Elon community is required to complete a short training module now available to students, faculty and staff. The module concludes with the Healthy Elon Commitment, which all students, faculty and staff are required to sign.

Check your progress on the required training modules, Healthy Elon Commitment and COVID-19 testing by clicking the button below: 

“The Ready & Resilient Training Modules will quickly allow each member of the community to understand campus resources, protocols and procedures as we prepare to safely live and learn together this fall,” said Jeff Stein, vice president for strategic initiatives and assistant professor of English.

The Ready & Resilient Training Modules include key information to support a healthy campus this fall, including training on face coverings, health, hygiene, cleaning protocols, COVID-19 testing, and the Schar Center Health Check-In.

As a part of the required training, all students, faculty and staff will also sign the Healthy Elon Commitment, a collective commitment to act each day to safeguard the health and well-being of all community members. The Commitment encourages community members to remember their personal responsibility to protect their own healthy, as well as the health and well-being of others and the Elon community as a whole.

The responsibility highlighted in the Commitment is based on the core values of the Elon University Honor Code – honesty, integrity, responsibility and respect.

Read the entire Healthy Elon Commitment here.

The required training also includes a university disclosure statement for employees and a similar statement for students. These documents explain basic facts and conditions related to fall semester, Elon’s response to COVID-19 and expectations of everyone in our community. The disclosure statements explain that Elon will make decisions based on recommendations from public health officials; that students, faculty, and staff will participate in COVID-19 testing, and (if deemed necessary by a medical provider) contact tracing; and that students, faculty and staff will follow campus health guidelines.

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As a part of the process, students and employees will acknowledge they have read the statement. Read the student disclosure statement here, and the employee disclosure statement here. (Note: This training is different than the required Return to Work training that staff participated in during the early summer.)

For up-to-date information about Elon’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and plans for a safe and engaging fall semester, visit the university’s Ready & Resilient website.