August 7 update for faculty/staff from the Ready & Resilient Committee

The latest update from the Ready & Resilient Committee to faculty and staff members on a range of topics related to Fall semester.


  • This week’s Ready & Resilient (R&R) email update includes:
  • Forthcoming COVID-19 Alert System, Additional Metrics, Updated R&R Dashboard
  • Policy on Eating in Classrooms and Buildings
  • Policy Restricting Visitors in Campus Buildings
  • NC Governor Roy Cooper & Extending Phase II
  • Completion Results of Testing/Training & Positive Test Results
  • Still Need to Complete Requirements?
  • R&R Going Forward

COVID-19 Alert System, Additional Metrics, Updated R&R Dashboard — Forthcoming Monday, Aug. 10

In an effort to guide our decisions this fall using extensive data and objective criteria, Elon has developed a four-level alert system based on 12 key measures of the impact of the virus on the campus community and surrounding region.

The matrix, developed in consultation with Elon’s Infectious Disease Committee and data scientists and physicians at Cone Health Systems and Duke Health Systems, is based on models from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and Vital Strategies, a global public health organization.

On Monday, Aug. 10, the university will post the following on the R&R web site:

  • The COVID-19 Alert System and specific data metrics being followed
  • How the system will inform action steps throughout the semester
  • Additions to the existing Elon COVID-19 R&R dashboard
  • Additional regional and campus COVID-19 metrics the university is tracking daily.

Policy on Eating, Drinking and Taking Medications in Classrooms and Buildings

We are developing a new policy restricting eating in classrooms, labs and studios. The draft language is as follows:

Face coverings are required in class to protect against COVID-19, which spreads through aerosolized droplets. Removing face coverings to eat, drink and take medications in class, labs, studios or tents used during class will not be allowed during fall 2020. Those needing to eat, drink, or take medication during in-person class, should take a break to do so outside of the classroom, lab or studio.

Dining halls, outdoor seating, and non-classroom tents are good options for eating meals. Large indoor spaces or large building lobbies where physical distancing is possible can be used for eating or drinking, per the face covering policy. Please maintain physical distancing, stay 6 feet away from doorways to protect those entering and exiting, and put your face covering back on after eating. Those walking through a lobby or space where someone is eating, should continue to wear their face covering.

Policy Restricting Visitors in Campus Buildings

We are developing a new policy restricting visitors in campus buildings this fall. The draft language is as follows:

Elon University appreciates its partnerships with local communities and the many visitors who come to campus every year. In order to inhibit the spread of COVID-19, unscheduled or unaccompanied visitors will not be allowed in campus buildings. Admissions visitors, vendors, and contractors will be allowed and must follow campus face covering, distancing and hygiene guidelines.

NC Governor Roy Cooper & Extending Phase II

Based on NC Governor Roy Cooper’s extension of Phase II, Elon will continue to follow Phase II guidelines. While executive order 141 made educational institutions exempt from certain gathering restrictions, Elon will continue all safety measures to minimize risk to the campus community and will continue to limit attendance for mission-driven gatherings to six-foot physical distancing.

Completion of Testing/Training & Positive Test Results

As of this morning:

  • 7,601 LabCorp COVID-19 test kits have been ordered by students, faculty, and staff. Almost 6,050 have received results from LabCorp.
  • Of the 6,050 LabCorp COVID pre-semester tests returned, 0.14% (.0014 or 9 cases) were positive and resulted in up to 14-days of isolation.
  • At least 300 more students have submitted alternative PCR tests, some from a positive case earlier this summer. Those submissions include six positive tests that resulted in up to 14-days of isolation.
  • The LabCorp pre-semester test results will be added to an updated R&R COVID-19 dashboard next week.

Still Need to Complete Your Requirements?

Click here to view the R&R page with links to required training, testing, the health screening app, and Schar Center Health Check-In.

Individual links include:

Required Schar Center Health Check-In

Once you get your test results and complete the training, you are ready to plan your required visit to the Schar Center Health Check-In (unless you have an accommodation to be away from campus this fall). Remember the Check-In is a drive-through process. There is no need to bring anything with you besides a cell phone, if you have one, to show you know how to use the Health Screening Web App (see below). Along with a face mask and thermometer, the Health Kit includes a lanyard for all to wear during the first few days of the semester as a symbol that we have all completed training, testing, and the Check-In.

Health Screening Web App is Live!

The daily health screening web app is now live and should be used as a diagnostic tool for monitoring health daily. The health screening, which can be found at, collects no data but can help each of us to ensure we are checking our health daily, protecting ourselves and the community during the pandemic.

R&R Going Forward

The R&R Committee began meeting on June 8 with the charge to provide oversight and support regarding the Fall 2020 Task Force recommendations. As fall semester begins, we will discontinue Friday email updates but will continue meeting weekly to provide support for implementation and ongoing issues regarding Fall 2020. Please read the weekly updates from Vice President for Student Life Jon Dooley and continue to watch the Ready & Resilient website for important announcement and information. You can continue to reach our committee at

Thank You

We cannot thank staff and faculty enough for the massive work to redesign Elon and prepare for this fall. Together this summer, as a community we have installed plexiglass, cleaned and fogged all spaces, redesigned classrooms and added technology infrastructure across campus, completely redesigned courses and syllabi, developed new protocols and processes, designed new signs and websites, developed a check-in process for 9,000 Elon community members, developed a health screening app, constructed new accommodations processes, designed policies and procedures to support students in isolation and quarantine, created testing processes, created training modules and produced videos, and attended many virtual meetings.

Thank you for your questions, suggestions, innovations, grace, and patience as we have worked together to prepare for this fall.


The Ready & Resilient Committee

  • Jeff Stein, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Assistant Professor of English (Chair)
  • Dan Anderson, Vice President of University Communications
  • Ginette Archinal, Medical Director of Student Health and University Physician
  • MarQuita Barker, Director of Residence Life
  • John Barnhill, Associate Vice President for University Advancement
  • Tom Flood, Assistant Vice President of Physical Plant
  • Jason Husser, Associate Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies, and Director of the Elon Poll (Academic Council Representative)
  • Deandra Little, Assistant Provost, Director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and Professor of English
  • Paul Miller, Assistant Provost for Academic Operations and Communications and Professor of Exercise Science
  • Kelly Reimer, Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies (Staff Council Representative)
  • Carrie Ryan, Director of Auxiliary Services
  • Kelli Shuman, Associate Vice President for Human Resources & Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Gabie Smith, Dean of Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Psychology
  • Mary Southern, Project Manager for Provost and Academic Affairs Operations (Project Manager)
  • Mike Ward, Deputy Director of Athletics
  • Randy Williams, Vice President and Associate Provost for Inclusive Excellence and Assistant Professor of Education