Sharing Our Work

Galleries are a collection of portfolios that represent faculty and student scholars’ work, teaching projects, courses, curriculum projects, and other themes.

Project portfolios may document a number of things, including:

  • The development of a project over time, following the process from inception through completion
  • Description of the project goals and related activities
  • Methods of implementation, data gathering and analysis, samples or exhibits, insights and reflections, applicability, or next steps
  • How students’ learning might have been affected or how the project informed concurrent or subsequent teaching (if the project was applied to learning)

Each portfolio in the gallery strives to share products and insights about the project design and execution, results, reflections, and future plans, so that others may discover useful new resources and strategies.

For faculty, these portfolios seek to inform colleagues both from within and outside of traditional subject areas by sharing cross-disciplinary experiences, analysis, conclusions, and reflections. Students’ portfolios are similarly designed to document a process or project, and to share their accomplishments and achievements with both student colleagues and faculty. 1


Several faculty and student groups are utilizing galleries to share their work, including:

1 Based on: Bernstein, Dan, et al. An Essential Guide to Teaching at KU: A Handbook of Resources Center for Teaching Excellence, 2008. University of Kansas. Lawrence, KS.