The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Seminar (former program)

How can you evaluate the effectiveness of your own teaching and your students’ learning? What is the impact of a new pedagogical strategy on your students’ learning? How might you turn your classroom research into published peer-reviewed scholarship? If you are interested in pursuing a scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) project, consider joining the SoTL seminar.  Each meeting will focus on a specific aspect of SoTL, starting with refining your research question, designing your study, and completing your IRB application. Later sessions will explore methods for collecting & analyzing data, and approaches to going public with your results. This program spans the entire academic year.

Viz Cult Group (former program)

 Van Gogh's Starry NightViz Cult at Elon is an inter- and multi-disciplinary body of faculty and staff interested in how visual culture shapes what we do, how we think, and how we learn. This year we will be hosting a series of “brown bag” lunch talks sponsored by faculty and staff from across the University.  We will also continue to discuss the role that visual culture and visual pedagogies play in a liberal arts curriculum, as well as develop our virtual presence for Viz Cult @ Elon, and serve as advocates for more, and more appropriate, spaces for image-centered teaching and learning. For more information, visit the Viz Cult website or Facebook page.