Resources for your Faculty Career

CATL provides support at all stages of your academic career, aligned with Elon’s Teacher-Scholar Model and the principles for High-Quality Teaching and Learning at Elon University referenced in the Faculty Handbook.

Our primary mission is to advance teaching and learning at Elon; however, we recognize that the faculty role cannot be easily separated into component parts. Instead, faculty members balance and integrate a number of overlapping roles as educator, mentor, scholar, departmental colleague, university citizen and/or leader. And, too, the balance of these roles for any person at any given point may vary — there is no single pathway through an academic career.

CATL faculty and staff collaborate with faculty colleagues and other campus partners to provide, coordinate, or connect you with resources and programs to offer holistic support for you, as faculty, as you mentor students through your teaching and advising, create knowledge through your scholarship, contribute to the life of the university, and—over time—invest in the next generation of faculty yourselves.

Not only are we happy to talk with you about your teaching ideas or scholarship of teaching and learning projects, but we are also happy to help you identify campus resources to support other aspects of your professional career.