CATL Programs to help advance teaching and learning at Elon include signature Fellowship and Grant programs such as:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Grant Program — a one-year program to support the development and implementation of strategies that infuse the curriculum and pedagogies of the University with the best practices related to human diversity, broadly defined.
  • Grants for Teaching and Learning — which include travel reimbursement grants, mini-grants to support engaged learning and professional development, and large grants to foster innovative and effective teaching and learning initiatives.

In addition, CATL facilitates interdisciplinary Working Groups and Communities of Practice focused on areas of common interest to foster the exchange of ideas, designing effective teaching and learning environments, and problem solving:

  • Course Design Working Groups — small groups focused on designing or redesigning a course
  • Assignment Alignment Working Groups — groups of colleagues focused on designing effective assignments aligned with course learning goals
  • Mutual Mentoring Groups — small mentoring groups focused on individual goals for teaching or broader professional development.
  • Topical Communities of Practice — CATL occasionally facilitates communities of practice around a specific teaching or learning topic of interest. Communities of practice are composed of people who share a common interest and who convene to exchange and expand their knowledge, promote learning, and solve problems together. Unlike committees or task groups, communities of practice are fairly informal, non-hierarchical, and are open to interested people at all levels of knowledge and expertise from novice to expert. If there is a teaching topic you’d like to suggest, or a group you’d like to organize into a community of practice with support from CATL, contact Deandra Little or CATL to explore possibilities.

See a list of former CATL Programs.