Virtual Conference Reimbursement Grants for Teaching and Learning

(previously, CATL Faculty Travel Reimbursement Grants)

CATL’s Virtual Conference Reimbursement Grants (2020-21) support faculty involvement with the scholarship of teaching and learning and connect faculty with highly innovative or research-based programs that support engaging, effective, inclusive, or scholarly approaches to teaching and learning. These Reimbursement grants supplement faculty professional development support from other parts of the University, making it possible for more faculty to participate in national and international initiatives on teaching and learning.

These grants fund attendance at virtual conferences or workshops to develop one’s pedagogical skills or present on the scholarship of teaching and learning. They do not fund attendance or presentations of disciplinary research or to present on or learn about materials for course content.

In 2020-21, CATL Virtual Conference Reimbursement Grants are awarded in amounts of $400 or less for individuals or $700 or less for groups of participants. Recipients are limited to one reimbursement grant per fiscal year (June-May).


  • I am so appreciative that CATL supported me in going to this Faculty Development workshop. This workshop helped me to write a better exam which I gave the day after I got back. I even received a comment on my course evals that the final exam questions were better written! Talk about immediate feedback.

Guidelines and Application:

Deadlines: In 2020-21, applications will be accepted once in the fall and once in the spring semester.

  • Fall: Friday, October 16, 2020
  • Spring: TBD

Other forms: If you are awarded a grant, submit the Virtual Conference Reimbursement Form to CATL with original receipts after conference is completed.

More information: Contact Deandra Little.