The CATL Scholars Program

The first group of CATL Scholars started the program in 2006 and the program has continued to grow supporting additional two-year term projects annually. The CATL Scholars Fellowship program fosters innovative and scholarly teaching and learning. Echoing the Elon Teacher-Scholar statement, the CATL Scholars program is designed so that participants both engage deeply with the shared goals of our academic community and develop “the unique gifts” that each individual Scholar possesses. Successful applicants often undertake an ambitious teaching and learning initiative or SoTL project that the Scholar proposes and work collaboratively with other scholars. Each year CATL Scholar applications are due early in the fall semester and between 1-3 new CATL Scholar projects are awarded with access to funding starting the following June.

Purpose of the CATL Scholar Program

The CATL Scholars Fellowship program fosters innovative and scholarly teaching and learning by providing support so that teaching faculty can devote significant time to innovative, scholarly teaching and learning projects and scholarship and to make plans to “go public” with the results. At the end of the two-year term, CATL Scholars will submit a brief report on the project results, impact, and future directions, which may be shared on the CATL website. Completion of grant report is required before you can can apply for or receive future CATL funding.

Each CATL Scholar is awarded a two-year fellowship that includes:

  • compensation for two course teaching reassignments per year, or an equivalent amount of funding to be applied to the Scholar project or toward a summer stipend, and
  • a $2500 faculty development fund per year to be used to pay for expenses relating to the CATL Scholar’s project.

Read more about current and former CATL Scholar projects.

Applying for the CATL Scholar Program

Eligibility: Individual or pairs of full-time, ongoing teaching faculty may apply. Applicants must ensure that Scholar compensation will not affect the recipient’s status as a full-time teaching faculty member, as defined by the Elon Faculty Handbook. (see Section II-2, “Minimum Teaching Expectation”). Note that scholar applicants who cannot take course reassignments may request to apply funds toward other project expenses or a summer stipend, of up to $5000 for up to 2 of the total course reassignments.

ApplicationCATL Scholar Application

Deadlines: Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 20, 2024 for 2025-2027 CATL Scholars.

Reimbursement Form: CATL Scholar Reimbursement Form can be completed for funding use and sent to the CATL Program Coordinator (along with applicable receipts) for reimbursement. This can be done electronically by emailing or through campus mail to Campus Box 2610. If you have questions about additional ways to access funding, please call the CATL Program Coordinator at x5106 or email

More information: For more information about the CATL Scholar program, contact If you have questions about eligibility, the application, or the application process, please contact the CATL office. To see previous examples of successful proposals, email or stop by CATL’s office, Belk Pavilion 101 (in the Academic Village across from Numen Lumen). You can also read more about current and former CATL Scholars‘ projects.