Sustainability Scholars Program

The purpose of the Sustainability Scholars Program is to support faculty who are interested in incorporating or enhancing a focus on sustainable principles and practices in their courses and exploring a range of pedagogies to develop this theme.

Each participant in the program identifies a course that he or she would like to modify to include a sustainability component, is provided with relevant sustainability resources and pedagogies, modifies the selected course accordingly and then teaches the course the next semester it is offered.

The program was developed by Janet MacFall, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology and Director of the Center for Environmental Studies; Michael Strickland, Lecturer in English; Pam Kiser, Professor of Human Service Studies; and Deandra Little, Director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.

The program has had participants from diverse disciplines including art, biology, business administration, business law, communications, computing sciences, engineering, English, exercise science, geography, health and human performance, history, leisure and sports management, physics and sociology. Here are a few examples of faculty and their courses that have integrated sustainability.

If you have questions, please contact Michele Kleckner, Sustainability Faculty Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Computing Sciences.

This project is sponsored by the Center for Environmental Studies, the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, and the Office of Sustainability. Funding has been provided by the office for Business, Finance, and Technology.



Jonathan Albright, Communications
Jason Aryeh, Performing Arts

Patrick Bell, Management & Entrepreneurship
James Beuerle, Mathematics & Statistics
Ben Hannam, Communications
Chris Harris, Finance
Fred Johnson, Music
Alfred Simkin, Biology


Susan Anderson, Accounting                                                                                                                               
Dan Burns, English
Jen Hamel, Biology
Katherine Johnson, Public Health Studies
Scott Spurlock, Computing Sciences


Beth Evans, Exercise Science
Tom Hoban, Environmental Science
Pamela Runestad, Anthropology
Carri Tolmie, International Business
Nicole Triche, Communications
Scott Wolter, Engineering


Dianne Finch, Communications
Julie Lellis, Communications
Carmen Monico, Human Service Studies
Steve Moore, Environmental Studies
Scott Morrison, Education
Randy Piland, Communications
Elizabeth Pratson, Physics

2012 -2013

Amanda Chunco, Environmental Studies

 Mark Enfield, Education

Michael Kingston, Biology and Environmental Studies

Derek Lackaff, Communications
Kate Mullaugh, Chemistry
Doug Redington, Economics
Greg Shemkovitz, English
Carol Smith, Health and Human Performance


Ayesha Delpish, Associate Professor of Statistics

Kathy Gallucci, Associate Professor of Biology

Martin Kamela, Associate Professor of Physics

Sang Nam, Assistant Professor of Communications
Allan Russell, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Greg Hlavaty, Lecturer of English
Paula Patch, Lecturer of English


Elizabeth Bailey, Lecturer of Health and Human Performance

Richard D'Amato, Senior Faculty Fellow of Engineering

Benjamin Evans, Assistant Professor of Physics

Caroline Ketcham, Associate Professor of Exercise Science
Cassandra Kircher, Associate Professor of English
Ryan Kirk, Assistant Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies
Susan Manring, Associate Professor of Management
Barbara Miller, Assistant Professor of Communications
Glenn Scott, Associate Professor of Communications


Christina Benson, Assistant Professor of Business Law
James Brown, Associate Professor of History
Samantha DiRosa, Associate Professor of Digital Art and Environmental Studies
David Gammon, Assistant Professor of Biology
Eric Hall, Associate Professor of Exercise Science
Michele Kleckner, Senior Lecturer of Computing Sciences
Brian Nienhaus, Associate Professor of Business Communication
Aaron Peeks, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Anthony Weaver, Assistant Professor of Sport and Event Management