Budget Reports

ONTRACK "MY BUDGETS" REPORTING - My Budgets thru OnTrack, established in the summer of 2007, became budget managers universal technological link to user-friendly budget management. Access to My Budgets is granted by contacting Courtney Saul at csaul@elon.edu and cc: Lorraine Allen at allenl@elon.edu. "My Budgets" reports budget status, cumulative transaction activity, and available balances as well as drill-down capability for budget and transaction detail including purchase order and invoice detail. With a click of your mouse, already formatted reports can be downloaded to Excel and available thru email for saving to your hard drive.


Source codes for individual transactions:

  1. CR (Cash Receipt) - Processed by the Bursar's Office, for example: an individual reimburses their department for personal phone calls made.
  2. PR (Payroll) - Should consult Joyce Pepper for explanation.
  3. JE (Journal entry) - Processed by the Accounting Office, for example: an expense correction, transfer of funds or intra-departmental charge is processed.
  4. PJ (Payable Journal) - Processed through Accounts Payable, for example: a check request or purchase request is processed for payment.

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