Correction of Expense Form Instructions

An Expense Correction Form should be used to move actual EXPENSES already incurred from one line item to another line item within the same department or between departments. For example:  Duplicating charges were erroneously charged to postage (object 55005) rather than duplicating (object 57005).  Move the expense "from" will credit the postage account (55005) and will remove the expense (or debit) in postage.  Move the expense "to" will debit the duplicating account (57005) and will charge the expense to duplicating, which is where the expense should be.  Use My Budgets thru OnTrack to view transaction detail for all accounts within your budget.

Click here for an Expense Correction Form (Word Doc). You can either print a hard copy and mail to the Accounting Office @ CB 2900 or email the form as an attachment to Melissa Hoff (