Student Event Registration

The student event registration process is a joint effort between the Moseley Center (Campus Center Operations) and Student Involvement through PhoenixCONNECT

  • Events must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your event.
  • We also strongly encourage you to (AFTER you've logged in) view the calendar of events through PhoenixCONNECT to see what else might already be scheduled for the day/time you are intending to host your event. 

To submit an event and/or request space:

Log into PhoenixCONNECT (using your Elon username/password) and:

  • If you event is sponsored by a student organization or department, after logging into PhoenixCONNECT find their page and click on the "Events" tab under the cover photo; or
  • If your event is NOT sponsored by a student organization or university department, submit it through the PhoenixCONNECT "Elon Events" page.  (You can navigate to this page in PhoenixCONNECT by clicking on the "Campus Links" tab in the top right-hand corner and selecting the "Elon Event Registration" page.)

You are also responsible for submitting information to campus resource providers, in accordance with the following timelines:

  • Event Technology requests must be submitted ten business days in advance.
  • Physical Plant requests (including room setup and layout, housekeeping, and recycling) must be submitted ten business days in advance.
  • Mill Point Catering orders must be placed seven business days in advance by calling (336) 278-5330. 
  • Campus Safety & Police requests must be submitted ten business days in advance. The "Request for Police Officers" form is available through the registration process in PhoenixCONNECT.  It will be required if your event includes alcohol, more than 100 guests, off-campus guests, or when money is collected at the door.

Moseley Center and Student Involvement staff will review your request upon completion of the PhoenixCONNECT Event Form. Final notification of your event location will be sent via email once your event has been confirmed.

Blackout Dates

For planning purposes, we encourage you to review the calendar of major events (where space all over campus is reserved or "blacked out").  Available space is extremely limited (if available at all).  

Building Codes

Building codes are required for your work orders.  Most are easy to figure out, but a few are difficult to figure out.  (And others are a complete mystery!)  Below is a list if you need help figuring it out!

Faculty and staff event requests

Faculty and staff event requests are still submitted through  25Live but can be entered into PhoenixCONNECT to take advantage of the advertising options.  After  your event location has been confirmed, follow the instructions above "To Submit an Event".