Advertising, Flyers & Publicity in Moseley Center

Elon University Flyer and Advertisment:

  • An Elon student, faculty member, staff member, student organization or club must sponsor all flyers. The name of the contact person must appear on the flyers.
  • All flyers must have accurate contact information.
  • All flyers must be brought to the Moseley Front Desk and approved by the Moseley Fellow, Assistant Director or Director of Moseley Center. All flyers are required to be approved before copies can be made. The Moseley Center will approve only one copy of each flyer design.
  • If approved, flyers will be displayed until the day of the event and/or for no longer than two weeks. Due to the number of flyer submissions we reserve the right to limit the maximum time a flyer is displayed.
  • Off campus advertising will not be approved for display.
  • Flyers may not include the mention or representation of drugs or alcoholic beverages or bars. Examples include, and are not limited to, mention of happy hour, BYOB, drawings of kegs, beer mugs, liquor, etc.
  • Flyers must be in reasonably good taste and must abide by the Honor Code and policies within the Student Handbook. If controversy arises, the Moseley Fellow, Assistant Director and/or Director of the Moseley Center will make final decisions on approval.
  • Recognized student organizations that wish to publicize an event by using chalk on sidewalks must obtain permission from the director of campus center operations at least three working days in advance of the advertising date. Approval forms can be picked up from the Moseley Front Desk. The group must submit all sayings for approval.  The organization must agree to use only chalk and must clean all areas within 24 hours after the event.  Chalking on brick walkways is prohibited.

Elon Posting Policy

The designated approved spaces are as listed below. Each building has specific locations on where the flyer can be posted. Please be cautious and diligent in finding the correct designated space to hang your flyer. Please hang all flyers with painters tape.The organization posting the flyer has 24 hours following the event to take down the flyers.

• Acorn Bulletin Board
• Alamance 2nd and 3rd Floors (in the vestibule) on the corkboard bulletin boards
• Campus Rec Front Desk
• KOBC Atrium Tables
• McEwen School of Communications Second Floor Bulletin Board
• McMichael Patio Bulletin Board
• Mail Room in Moseley Center
• Numen Lumen Pavilion Oasis Bulletin Board (located in room 203)
* Please check in with the front desk first
• *Residential Halls- This request should go through the main Residence Life Office.

Please do not post flyers on windows or doors made of glass. This is against the university’s fire code and is punishable by fine. If a flyer is found in violation of any of the post policies the organization responsible will not be permitted to post flyers.

For more information on advertising digitally in the Moseley Center:

Click here for Digital Poster instructions.

The following options are also available to assist with promoting your organization or event:

  • Table Tents - Table Tents can be obtained by contacting the director of campus dining services, ext. 5333. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information.
  • Table Reservations - There are nine tables in the Moseley Center have been designated areas for groups to solicit information and participate in fundraising. Reservations may be made at the Information Desk or via SPACES. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information.
  • Phoenix Card Reader - The Phoenix Card Reader can be used at eight of the nine tables. For more information please contact the Phoenix Card Office, ext. 5436.
  • Pendulum Ads
  • Elon Television Ads