Transfer Student FAQs

We understand that you might have a lot of questions before coming to Elon! Look through some frequently asked questions about Orientation and Arrival, Academics and Course Registration, and Student Life and see if your question can be answered. If you need more information, please call Orientation at (336)-278-7777 or email at

Orientation and Arrival Day

Q: When is Transfer Student Orientation?
A: Orientation starts on Friday, August 25, 2017 and goes until Monday, August 28, 2017.

Q: What is Transfer Student Orienation?
A: During this time you will learn about all of the resources and opportunities that Elon offers, meet faculty and staff, and interact with members of your class. You will also be assigned an Orientation Leader, a returning Elon student who will help guide you and answer any questions you may have.

Q: Will transfer students have their own orientation meetings when we arrive on campus, or will we be in groups with first-years?
A: Transfers will meet with a group of fellow transfer students and an Orientation Leader who is trained to work with the needs and interests of transfer students. There will not be any first-year students in the Transfer Orientation Sessions.

Q: Do transfer students participate in New Student Convocation? If so, should my parents stay for it?
A: Yes, transfer students do participate in Convocation. This is an important event for both new students and their families, marking the start of a new beginning at Elon. Many parents do stay for convocation and through the Farewell Picnic, leaving at 2:00 PM that Saturday.

Academics & Course Registration

Q: When will transfers be assigned an advisor in their major?
A: If transfer students notify the academic advising center of their majors prior to coming to Elon, then they will be assigned an advisor in their major. If transfer students are uncertain about their majors prior to coming to Elon, then they will be assigned a temporary advisor from the academic advising center. As soon as transfers declare a major through academic advising, they are assigned an advisor in their majors.

Q: I attempted to login to OnTrack to register for courses but did not have access. What am I doing wrong?
A: All new transfer students register for their first semester by contacting the Office of Academic Support, (336) 278-6500. Once your security deposit has been paid and your transcripts are evaluated, you are eligible to register for courses.  The Office of Academic Support will mail information to you once your security deposit has been processed. Additional information is posted on the Academic Advising Web site.

Q: Many of the courses that I need during my first semester are closed. What should I do?
A: Transfer students register after all current students have registered. There may be courses that have already filled. Academic Advisors will work with you to make sure that all of your courses apply toward graduation requirements or satisfy an interest you have. Courses that are closed over the summer frequently re-open during the drop/add period at the start of the semester. All transfer students will be able to participate in drop/add through OnTrack.

Q: Most of my previous coursework is worth 3 credits or semester hours. Will a course worth 3 semester hours still satisfy Elon’s requirements?
A: A 3 semester hour course from your previous school will transfer to Elon as 3 semester hours of credit. Elon is on a 4 semester hour system. Courses that are equivalent will still satisfy Core Curriculum and major requirements. For example, ENG 110 is a four-credit course at Elon, but if you transfer ENG 110 to Elon as a three-credit course, the requirement is satisfied. Overall semester hours or credits toward major requirements, minor requirements and Core Curriculum must be satisfied (132 semester hours required for graduation; 54-58 required in Core Curriculum).

Q: Am I required to take COR 110: The Global Experience?
A: Transfer students who bring in more than 18 semester hours are exempt from taking COR 110 Global Experience.

Q: When can I take the world language proficiency exam?
A: Elon has a graduation requirement for world language proficiency. This requirement may be met through coursework that you transfer to Elon. If not, then you will need to take the world language proficiency exam. The Office of Academic Support will mail more information to you. World Language proficiency exams can be taken off-campus over the summer or during fall or spring orientation.

Student Life

Q: How hard is it for transfers to become involved on campus?
A: With over 200 different clubs and organizations offered at Elon, it is very easy for all students to get involved. Students may choose to be involved with leadership, service, student union board, SGA, Greek life, intramural sports, performing groups and much more! All Transfers are advised to go to the Organization Fair on the first Friday of September. All clubs and organizations will be present at this fair to offer information for interested students. You can also sign up for a PhoenixCONNECT account to learn more about student organizations and events happening across campus. For more information on how to get involved at Elon, visit the Office of Student Involvement Web site.

Q: How can I find a job on campus when I arrive?
A: There are many on campus job opportunities available to students. Students can visit the Student Employment Web site. Students can also call use the Elon Job Network.

Q: Do transfers still have time to study abroad and do an internship, even though we are enrolling later than first-year students?
A: After strategically planning and consulting with academic advising, transfer students may complete a study abroad and internship experience. Since Elon is on a 4-1-4 academic calendar with a Winter Term, most students find January as a great time to study abroad. Elon also offers many summer study abroad programs as well.

Q: How does the Phoenix Card work?
A: The Phoenix card serves as your student identification card, meal plan card, Phoenix Cash, and also as an optional link to a Wells Fargo bank account. Your meal plan can be used at any of the on-campus food service venues. Phoenix Cash can be used on and off-campus venues that are part of the Phoenix Cash program. Your Phoenix Card will also allow you to get free tickets to both cultural and athletic events! For more information please visit:

Q: Do I need my own computer?
A: Not necessarily, there are 20 computer labs with over 620 workstations on campus. If you wish to bring your own computer, please visit for the recommended requirements.

Q: Is transportation available to the nearby airports for breaks and holidays? If so, how much does it cost and how do you make arrangements?
A: Transportation is available to nearby airports for breaks and holidays. The service costs $35 to GSO and $45 to RDU regardless of whether the student needs a one-way or round-trip ticket. Tickets are non-refundable. Students must sign up at least fourteen days before the first departure of each break to be guaranteed a seat. After this reservation period, seats will be on a first-come, first-serve basis until the designated spots are filled. To reserve your seat, you must pay the non-refundable fee at the Bursar's Office, and bring the receipt with ALL airline flight information to the Moseley Center Information Desk.

Q: How much “spending money” will I need?
A: Everyone is different – it all depends on you. Some students spend $75 per month, while others spend $400 per month. How much do you typically spend at home? Factors include whether or not you have a car, if you eat out a lot, and how many visits you make to the mall.