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Name: Steven Bagaria

From: Georgia

Bio: Network and Telephone Technician

Area of Expertise: Technology Developer/Administrator

Topic: Communication

Headline: VoIP Breakthroughs

Nutshell: The future of VoIP and how it will be used day to day.

Vision: With communications going towards IP in all aspects, it's only logical to assume that in the future most all communications will be based on IP. We can already see some people have VoIP devices in their homes now and some providers have ability to route that voice over the Internet. Not all of that traffic is truly IP based because some of that traverses the PSTN. What you will see one day is the carriers eventually go to an IP system with their presence in most every CO. Long distance charges will be non existent over time. After that, you'll see truly portable numbers as the phone itself will have an IP and phone number. Cell phones will be VoIP and be a person's main phone in many cases. Geographical boundaries that we have today on a phone number will not plague us the same way. The biggest issues that will arise will be from emergency services (i.e. 911) and having the call will transmit the correct information to the proper location based on where the emergency is.

Date Submitted: 11/10/2004

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