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Name: Bill Ward

From: Colorado

Bio: CEO of a regional ISP

Area of Expertise: Entrepreneur/Business Leader

Topic: Communication

Headline: The Internet - The Enabler of Broad Communications

Nutshell: The Internet of the future enables all to communicate with all others thoughts, ideas, desires, and goals.

Vision: The Internet of the future will allow anyone who wishes to communicate with anyone else on the net their ideas, thoughts, desires or goals by inputing these using various automated means. Sending text, pictures, sound, video or other data as today will be made easier by making direct connections with automated devices and sensors worn or emplanted into our bodies. The means to address our thoughts to specific addresses will allow us to have mind discussions with others including groups. The capability to initiate processes on remote systems via this mind enabled means will be the most powerful and scary potential yet encountered by our society.

Date Submitted: 11/10/2004

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