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Name: Ryan Davis

From: Texas

Bio: Entrepreneur, Visionary, Consultant.

Area of Expertise: Entrepreneur/Business Leader

Topic: Community/Culture

Headline: Meshing of man and machine

Nutshell: The predictions of "the singularity" state that computers/internet will progress beyond human ability. However, more likely is that we will incorporate the advances in technology and apply them to our biological existence - creating ourselves as superhuman.

Vision: There are many like Vernor Vinge who predict the end of things as we know it with the great strides we are taking in technology. Indeed the end of things as we know it is coming, but that doesn't necessarily require that humanity becomes obsolete. It is more likely that we will incorporate the advances in technology and apply them to our biological existence.

It is hard to imagine a meshing of flesh with machine at this point in time as we haven't yet attained the technology necessary to accomplish such a feat. But just as the inventions of the industrial revolution changed the face of the earth and still more the technological revolution, so will the advances and discoveries of this age change the face of the world.

Each successive revolutionary accomplishment in society, such as the internet, will be closer and closer to the last as we move forward in time. There will come a time when man and machine are one. The biology providing a means of transport and the technology providing a means of successive building of intelligence within one being - extending our lives indefinitely.

Date Submitted: 11/10/2004

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