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Name: Anton Lakshin

From: California

Bio: Technology wizard

Area of Expertise: Futurist/Consultant

Topic: Technology

Headline: The Internet's future

Nutshell: A 3D interface network that is always on, always with you, and can be acccessed from any location at any time.

Vision: Basicly I believe that two things will happen. First, the internet will continue to change into a visual medium, so much so that at some point the internet will resemble a video game. A 3D interface will allow people to access and find information faster. Another aspect of the internet that will change is its accessability. The internet started as a medium used at universities by mainframes, then it migrated to the PC, and in the current era (2001-2004) the Internet is increasingly being used by uers on both laptops and PDA's. Once a new user interface is developed (TBD) people will be able to access the internet and its full capabilities at any time, in any place. This will in effect make people smarter, since all information (knowledge?) will be at people's fingertips at all times.

Date Submitted: 11/10/2004

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