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Name: James Scott

From: New York

Bio: Macromedia Studio MX 2004 developer in training

Area of Expertise: Technology Developer/Administrator

Topic: Communication

Headline: Time to Grow Up

Nutshell: It will become an arena where everybody can stand up and show the world who they are and accept responsibility for what they show.

Vision: The internet will become more three-dimensional and real-time reactive. The veil of anonymity will fall and those who prefer to stay behind that veil will become the internet "dark side."

Services that are more "industry greedy" - such as the current online dating sites - will eventually fail because it will become possible to communicate freely with anybody else with an internet presence rather than deal with the communication restrictions these sites impose.

Subscription sites that remain will be very low-cost (a couple dollars a month) and offer services that will be truly useful.

Broadband connections will eventually exceed a gigabit/second, but if these cable companies don't lower their connection rates, the internet will die out because people will grow up and realize that we really don't need an internet in the first place (as it exists today, anyway - too many greedy people trying to make as much money as they can dupe a paying public to pay, or in a more business sense - maximize profits for the greed, er, I mean benefit of the company)

Date Submitted: 11/11/2004

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