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Name: Kyle

From: District of Columbia

Bio: I'm a college student who works in an on-campus computer lab

Area of Expertise: Research Scientist/Illuminator

Topic: Global Relationships/Politics

Headline: Our reliance on the internet will be our weakness

Nutshell: The trend to more connectivity with the internet will decrease after a major cyber attack on the United States.

Vision: In the future we will be reliant on an ever-increasing number of products commected to the internet. Our clothing, household applainces, and cars will be in some way connected to the internet. This will culminate in a major cyber attack on the United States, crippling many of the vital opperations and services we use every day.

After this attack we will move to a more internet dis-connected state, realizing the negitive implications of an internet that permeates our lives.

Date Submitted: 11/11/2004

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