A vision for the future

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Name: Edward Phelps

From: North Carolina

Bio: Bachelor of Computer Science, IT worker, computer hobbyist

Area of Expertise: Technology Developer/Administrator

Topic: General, Overarching Remarks

Headline: Bigger, Better, Worse

Nutshell: The internet will reach more and more devices as computer technology improves.

Vision: With each miniaturization more and more devices can and will be able to access the Internet. A bit of this can be seen with the near merging of PDA's and cellular phones (also both capable of browsing the Internet).

Perhaps this will lead us to the "house of the future" where devices such as dish washers and washing machines are on the internet so they start when full, run the most efficient cycle, order more supplies (like soap), and call for repairs when needed. With the Internet you would be able to start the process while away from home.

Date Submitted: 11/11/2004

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