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Name: Douglas J. Severe

From: Illinois

Bio: IT support tech for 15 years

Area of Expertise: Advocate/Voice of the People

Topic: Global Relationships/Politics

Headline: A Smaller World

Nutshell: Everyone will eventually be able to instantaneously communicate with everyone else, singly or in groups.

Vision: The societies and cultures of the world are in the process of slowly but steadily becoming intertwined (global economy) in such a way that eventually it will not allow them to separate again. Each and every country that embraces the technology that will allow communication amongst such peoples will profit, whereas those that resist such change will be left behind, and as such must eventually capitulate as well or fail.

Instant communication has advantages in the economy that will necessitate the participation of virtually all forms of business and capital gain. The quicker a transaction can be completed, the quicker the next one can begin.

From creation of concept to delivery of finished product or service, faster is better: increased efficiency, more versatile adaptation to adversity, higher problem-solving potential, more end-user participation.

Organizational skills will play an important role, as more people become involved in the overall process of supply and demand. Know who to call and when to call them to get the job done to achieve the goal of complete satisfaction for the end user.

The faster and more efficient the system is, the more cost-effective it will become, the more competitive a business will be in the global economy. How much more would a client be willing to pay to get something done now when they want or need it, as opposed to a slightly less costly solution a week from next Tuesday? Instant communication between the employees of a company will allow that company to better serve its clients than more traditional ways and means can provide.

Add into that portable computers built into cell phones with 3-D imaging and network/internet connectivity and many office people won’t even need to leave their house to do their jobs. Expandable multi-way camera HD view screens/monitors, and keyboards that take up less space than the cell phone, and will allow work to be done from almost any location.

The more people around the world who have access to such systems the more cultural and societal roadblocks will be removed by the necessity of economic progress and technological superiority. Being a linked member of the global community will give the supreme advantage of gaining information before others even know what a given situation involves. The more links you have the greater the knowledge base to solve any given issue. If you’re not linked you will wish you were.

Date Submitted: 11/11/2004

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