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Name: Shawn Perrone

From: Illinois

Bio: Computer Geek for a living! :)

Area of Expertise: Technology Developer/Administrator

Topic: Technology

Headline: The Real Matrix

Nutshell: Imagine a network similar to the one in the movie "The Matrix," but more realistic (wireless instead of a jack, no machine takeover, etc...)

Vision: Imagine you're walking around your local hardware store, you're there to get some drywall patching stuff. Problem is, you've never patched drywall before, you have no idea. Instead of having to ask, you use your wireless access that is located inside of your head. The city/town has wireless access points placed to cover the whole city. By a thought you can link up to a vast network (much like the current Internet, maybe even something as advanced as the Matrix). You are able to read through instructions on what you need right from the store, without having to ask the kid whose working.

Forget texting your friends from your cell phone, start "chatting" with them with a thought. If you want privacy, throw up your "firewall."

Date Submitted: 11/11/2004

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