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Name: Mike Herchenroeder

From: Texas

Bio: webmaster, deacon, Bible translator, old man

Area of Expertise: Technology Developer/Administrator

Topic: Community/Culture

Headline: Increase of good and evil; Turf wars

Nutshell: The internet increases our capacity for both good and evil - and both will thrive.

Vision: The internet has no police so internet based evil will increase - lies, slander, theft, willful destruction, and data wars. There will be willful theft, destruction, and corruption of information.

There will be turf wars where internet powers will fight for control of computers, data, protocols, and all kinds of meta information.

The internet will be the biggest addiction with pornography, gambling, gaming, music, and gossip consuming more and more of people's time.

The war for people's minds will increase. In the chaos, people will yearn for truth, and stability, and God will provide both. We will see an increase in truth on the internet.

Good things will become increasingly free on the internet. Bibles in every language will be free. Good Christian music will become free. Good Christian writing will become free. Privacy will vanish.

Date Submitted: 11/11/2004

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