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Name: Jorge Mijangos

From: Canada

Bio: Internet Artist

Area of Expertise: Pioneer/Originator

Topic: Technology

Headline: 50 years in cyberspace - Highs and lows

Nutshell: History will be recorded, and it will be in HDTV.

Vision: Websites will be a thing of the past, everything will be in video format, from a presentation of Mars (live webcam feed) to presidential debates ... history will be as easily viewed as switching channels on TV...

Everything will be customized for the user, with instant viewing.

Email will take over what the postal service once did, as a last pitch effort to save the dying rainforest (too little too late).

TV will merge with the internet and will be one and the same. Global TV quality communication is now possible... spurring a new booming sex business.

Internet schools are no longer seen as a joke, and have become the new Ivy League.

Date Submitted: 11/11/2004

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