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Name: Nima

From: Florida

Bio: Internet user, online student, online professor

Area of Expertise: Pioneer/Originator

Topic: Global Relationships/Politics

Headline: True Democracy was awaiting for Internet before Flourishing

Nutshell: All major matters shall be voted for online, and House of Representatives shall be eliminated.

Vision: Its more than unfair to have 2 senators and at best 3 representatives to decide for a state with perhaps 12 million population on major political, economical and even medical issues. And it's even more unfair that less than 800 people decide for 350 million people. Internet shall enable us to vote for all issues on all levels (from city government issues to federal government issues). This brings a smile to the founders of democracy’s face. With being at the peak of technology we have accomplished what our parents were doing 200 years ago, vote for all major issues. The only difference from then to now is that we do not need to go to city hall for voting, we could do it from our homes.

Date Submitted: 11/12/2004

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