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Name: Eric K

From: California

Bio: Wireless email evangelist

Area of Expertise: Technology Developer/Administrator

Topic: Privacy

Headline: Google Hunting

Nutshell: Face-recognition software teamed with Google's indexing will allow you to upload a picture of someone or something, and make the public the new police.

Vision: Want to find out who that person is that was in your holiday picture by accident? How about the criminal you caught in the act on your camera phone? Or what if you just can't remember the name of your best friend's new love interest? Just upload the person's picture to Google's reverse image search and you can find out who they are, and when they were last seen by one of the many net-connected cameras that will be watching us Big Brother-style in the future.

The technology of law enforcement in the hands of anyone will make law-abiding netizens the new police. Let's hope it doesn't also make them the judge, jury and executioner...

Date Submitted: 11/25/2004

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